The Found of TJC Host

My name is CHANG, PING-HSING , I live in Taipei. Currently I major mechanic engineering in National Taiwan University.

When I was 13 years old, my father gave me an iPod touch, an electronic device that works like an iPhone but can not make a phone call nor use cellular network. It was a great treasure to me and I hold it all the day to search for information and play games all the day. Most of my knowledge were learned from the internet. Then, I start to learn about “information tech-knowledge” itself.

I start to learn about “cloud” when I was 17 years old. In fact, I didn’t know much that time, so I just launched some server on Google Cloud, Azure and AWS and try out some feature. Although I didn’t really create something that time, the experience let me know that I can get an ready-to-go server in 2 minutes just by a few click and a little fee. And when I don’t need it any more, I can stop renting the server any time.

After that, I entered National Taiwan University and joined National Taiwan University Fellowship. I became the information leader one year later. There was a Facebook page of our fellowship, we share what we do there. I tried to build a website for our fellowship, a real and top tier website. I made it after more than one month of work! But the fellowship need to pay website maintainance fee each month. And the information leaders after me need to learn how to manage a web server.

We need some way to build a lot of websites simultaneously. Each websites can share a lot of resource, so the cost per website can be reduces significantly. And we can manage infrastructures such as web server for all the website this way, reducing the technical requirement and workload of users. After research and repeated attempts, I managed to built a platform that can build and host countless websites simultaneously.

Although I can reduce the average cost per website. The total cost of all these websites is still a great financial burden! As a student, I can not afford it in long term. But I don’t want to charge the users, too. Because most users are also still student and have little income.

Referring to the monetization module of many websites and advice of the seniors. We decide to take Ads as our source of income. Since our cost will increase as we scale up and get more page views, and Ads income will also increase accordingly.

With the mission of accelerating the development of our church on the internet. TJC Host born at November 20, 2016.

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我是張平興,目前就讀台灣大學機械系。我從小就很喜歡資訊與網路,也透過網路學習許多知識。因為深知網路的力量,我相信教會應該擁抱資訊科技,透過網路將福音傳至地極。所以2016年底我建立了TJC Host,免費為教會提供由我們管理的頂級網站。我們運用最先進的科技提供完美的使用體驗,網頁瞬間載入、後台簡單易用而且網站安全無懈可擊!心動了嗎?現在就註冊! ※本服務完全免費,我們透過廣告獲取收入。 I am CHANG,PING-HSING. Currently, I major Mechanical Engineering in National Taiwan University. I like the internet very much since I was a child and I have learned a lot of things from it. Knowing the power of the internet, I believe that the church should embrace the internet and spread the gospel to the end of the world with it. So I built TJC Host at the end of 2016, offering great website managed by us to the church for free. We offer perfect user experience with cutting edge techknowledge, instant page load, easy-to-use admin panel, and impeccable security! Interested? Sign up, now! ※This service if all free, we get income with Ads

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